Luxurious Love Nests

If you are planning a luxury cottage holiday for a special occasion or just to celebrate your love for one another you may be searching for some inspiration on where to stay. That’s where we can help!

Quality Time Together

Romantic couple

Rekindle that fire.

There is nothing quite like curling up and snuggling with your other half on the sofa with your favourite film on the TV. Relaxing with your partner is a wonderful way to spend an evening, but if you fancy getting away for a little bit, you can enjoy all of this in a new and indulgent setting, in a luxurious love nest in the UK or Ireland. These lavish holiday homes can be found in a variety of different locations such as hidden within enchanting forests, nestled in the idyllic countryside or in an awe inspiring setting on a secluded cliff side overlooking the sea. These inspirational holiday properties are perfect for those who want to spend some quality time with their other half in a completely idyllic setting.


Special Places to Stay

Luxury cottages for two have all of the amenities that you would expect on a romantic self-catering break and some feature special facilities such as private hot tubs or saunas for you to use at leisure. Imagine sinking down into the hot tub with the love of your life, glass of champagne in hand as you reflect on your day spent walking through the charming lanes and hills of the village you have chosen to reside in for your break – pure heaven!

Some luxurious love nests also feature incredible four-poster beds. These beds are a wonderful extravagance to sink into at night and you will feel like a king and queen sleeping in these magnificent beds. They may also come with cotton linen, which is wondrously soft and will provide you and your partner with an uninterrupted and sound slumber as you sink beneath the sheets and rest your head on the fluffy pillows of your majestic four-poster.

On sunny days on your romantic holiday with your other half, you may wish to take rambles and walks through the surrounding countryside, stopping off for an afternoon picnic of sandwiches and strawberries underneath the shade of the trees. This is a lovely thing to do, but you may be able to do this without leaving the grounds of your accommodation if you rent somewhere with a garden. Particularly if you choose a property with a private and enclosed garden which is great if you wish to relax and sunbathe in privacy, have a little picnic or even a barbecue with your partner in peace and tranquillity.

Luxury retreats such as Elm Lodge in Lyne, Surrey, or The Saddlery, a romantic luxury hideaway in Axminster in Devon are ideal for a break of pure indulgence in the UK. You may even wish to go a little further afield and rent a beautiful country cottage in Ireland, which is simply fantastic for a quick getaway. These properties can be made into your own luxurious love nest for the week, and you can soak up new surroundings, discover the heritage and culture of a quaint market town and most importantly, spend some quality time in lavish accommodation with the one who you love the most.

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