Top 10 Romantic Holiday Destinations in the UK

Experience romance on holiday

Experience romance on holiday

Many couples looking for a romantic getaway look at places abroad for their holiday together. What many don’t realise is that there are plenty of places throughout the UK that are very romantic indeed. They’re suitable for all sorts of couples, from newlyweds celebrating their honeymoon, to young couples off on their first break away together. Here’s a selection of some of the top destinations in the UK for couples. They’re quite varied, but what they all have in common is that they offer memorable experiences that are best enjoyed with your significant other.

1.    The Lake District

Though it’s exceedingly popular, the Lake District is large enough that you can visit at peak times and still get plenty of peace and quiet. It’s a top destination for couples thanks to its captivating landscapes that are regarded as some of the most picturesque in the whole country, plus its plethora of outdoor activities. Whether you prefer staying active or taking it easy, you’ll find plenty of memorable activities you and your significant other can enjoy together, from bonding on challenging hikes or taking it easy on a relaxing boating trip out on one of the many scenic lakes for which the district is named. It’s ideal for couples who enjoy spending time outdoors together.

2.  Bath

The spa town of Bath is decidedly historic, with an impressive collection of centuries-old buildings and a delightful, charming atmosphere. What makes it particularly appealing for couples is the Thermae Bath Spa, a natural spa featuring two pools with pleasantly warm waters rich in minerals – one is indoors, while the other is up on the building’s rooftop. As well as enjoying luxuriating in the pools, couples can enjoy a selection of indulgent spa treatments (at extra cost), many of which are designed for two to experience simultaneously. Bath has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its rich architecture, which many couples enjoy discovering on leisurely strolls together.

3. The Isle of Skye

This sparsely populated Scottish island is known for its beautiful natural scenery and rugged, unspoiled landscapes. Though it’s slowly becoming more popular with tourists, it’s still quite a peaceful destination to visit, especially if you go off exploring away from the main settlement of Portree. One of the island’s most romantic spots is the Fairy Pools, a series of waterfalls and crystal-clear rock pools that are ideal for a leisurely dip. Visit early on in the morning or later on in the evening for the best chance of having the pools to yourselves.

4. Llanddwyn Island

This particular destination isn’t as well known as others on the list, though by no means should it be overlooked. The reason it’s a great place for couples to visit is because it’s the final resting place of St. Dwynwen, the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine. There’s also its scenic coastline, smattering of ruins, secluded picnic spots and picturesque scenery, all of which make this tidal island well worth a visit. There’s no accommodation on the island itself – the nearest town of Newborough is two-and-a-half miles inland – with couples often staying in romantic retreats nearby.

5. The Isles of Scilly

This archipelago off the southwest coast of mainland England is a veritable haven for those looking for a romantic getaway. The islands’ hinterlands are reminiscent of the mainland’s, with verdant countryside and gentle hills; the beaches, on the other hand, are a lot more tropical and exotic in appearance than those on the mainland. They’re widely regarded as some of the finest in all of the UK thanks to their fine sands, stunning coastal views and peaceful character. When not strolling along the coast hand in hand, a visit to Abbey Garden is a must for couples: it’s a sub-tropical garden home to all sorts of colourful, exotic plants from around the world.

6. York

For those into city breaks, a trip to York should definitely be considered. What makes the city particularly attractive is just how much history there is to be discovered. There’s an impressive collection of monuments showcasing a broad range of architectural styles; many of them are centuries old and have been exceptionally well preserved. Throughout the city’s historic streets and winding passages are all sorts cosy restaurants, bars and cafes to be discovered, not to mention plenty of boutique shops. The city resonates well with couples because it exudes so much charm and character.

7. The Cotswolds

While the Three Choirs Vineyards is very much a top romantic destination, the wider area of Cotswolds itself is also not to be missed. What makes this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so appealing for romantic breaks is its unspoiled scenery and decidedly picturesque views. It’s characterised by its pretty little villages, rolling green landscapes and laidback atmosphere. A highlight that’s worth mentioning is Bourton-on-the-Water, a charming town known as ‘the Venice of the Cotswolds’ thanks to its numerous stone bridges crossing the River Windrush. It’s the perfect spot for blissful riverside walks with the one you love.

8. Harrogate

For romantic breaks in Northern England, the spa town of Harrogate is a real gem.  With ample high end restaurants, elegant architecture and a large park, Harrogate is compact enough to be inviting and easy to explore yet large enough to offer visitors a plethora of attractions.  The choice of eateries and shops mean you’ll never be bored whilst enjoying a couple’s holiday in Harrogate.

9. Brecon Beacons National Park

The Brecon Beacons National Park is one of Wales’ three national parks and is an ideal destination for outdoorsy couples looking to go exploring together. There’s a plethora of activities available here, from hiking and horseback riding, to water sports, mountain biking and more. The park is known for its picturesque natural scenery and its tranquil character. Scattered throughout are quaint, traditional villages and cosy pubs that are hot spots for romantic meals that can be enjoyed after a day spent exploring the park’s idyllic scenery and rugged landscapes.

10. Edinburgh

The idea of a bustling city packed with people isn’t everyone’s idea of a romantic destination, but for many couples, Edinburgh is the epitome of romance. It’s very much a cosmopolitan city and is renowned for its thriving arts and cultural scene, while at the same time being steeped in history and heritage. The Royal Mile is the city’s most popular street and is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and the like; it’s ideal for a leisurely walk hand in hand with your partner, though if you wander off the main street, there are plenty of hidden gems you might come across too.

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