Coronavirus update for holidaymakers April 2021 from Cottage Gems

The restrictions in place in the UK are subject to change, depending on the levels of coronavirus.  Due to the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic, some cottage owners and agencies are offering flexible booking terms (get in touch with individual owners and agencies for details of their own individual booking conditions).  It is also strongly recommended that you take out suitable holiday insurance.

Can I take a cottage holiday in the UK at the moment?

On the 22/2/21, the UK government announced their planned roadmap out of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The different countries that make up the UK have their own individual plans to ease lockdown, so it's important to be aware of key dates when holidays should be permitted (subject to coronvirus being under control) in the various countries.

The plans are subject to targets being met on infection rates, the vaccination programme and any new variants of covid being kept under control.


Plans for holidays in England being allowed (for residents of England or Wales).


•    From 12 April - Single household groups or individual support bubbles will be allowed to stay in holiday cottages in England (no household mixing permitted).
•    From 17 May - 2 households will be permitted to meet indoors and holiday together (of any size) or 6 people (from up to 6 households).  



Key Dates for Holidays in Wales being allowed (for residents of Wales and England).


•    From 12 April - Cottage holidays permitted in Wales for single households or with your support bubble.



Key Dates for Holidays in Scotland being permitted


•    Target date is 26 April - There are no fixed dates available yet for when holidays will be permitted in Scotland but the government are hoping that from 26 April 2021 it should be possible to take a cottage holiday with your household or support bubble in Scotland.  



If you’re interested in making a booking for a luxury cottage in Scotland, it would be advisable to check the owner or agency’s cancellation policy and whether they offer a flexible cancellation policy if you cannot take your holiday due to Covid restrictions in Scotland.


Key Dates for Cottage Breaks in Northern Ireland

No key dates have been announced yet for when cottage holidays in Northern Ireland will be possible once more.



You may want to read the UK government's roadmap out of lockdown for more detail.