Introducing Cottage Gems

Cottage Gems is part of XE Website Solutions Ltd. was set up to assist owners of luxury holiday homes and agencies to advertise and market their properties online  and to assist holidaymakers find suitable luxury self catering accommodation online in the UK and Ireland for special holidays and special occasions with relative ease.

Cottage Gems is an online advertising portal, we also facilitate the booking process. We are not an agency. We aim to be a responsible advertiser and welcome feedback from holidaymakers regarding luxury properties advertising on this website. We reserve the right to remove advertisements if we receive a high level of complaints and have reason for concern about an advertisement or property.  We aim to feature luxurious properties that exceed expectations.

Other brands that come under the umbrella of XE Website Solutions Ltd includeCountry Cottages Online. Country Cottages Online is an online advertising portal for country cottages, self catering and holiday cottages and is long established in e-terms, it was established in 2000. The Country Cottages Online websites together get just under 2 million visitors a year.

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This website specialises in helping holidaymakers find suitable high end self-catering accommodation for holidays in the UK and Ireland, all year round. Whether you are looking for a short break or a longer stay, our aim is to make this website the best resource and place to find luxurious cottages in the UK and Ireland. 

We feature all types of luxurious self-catering properties from large cottages to small cottages, from castles to country houses and from unusual properties to large manors.  Our aim is to feature a great range of luxury properties including the unique and award winning.

This website is managed and run by XE Website Solutions Ltd and is a relatively new site, established in 2011.  XE Website Solutions Ltd though have a strong history of helping people find high quality self-catering accommodation with their other Country Cottages websites which were established way back in 2001.

Press Interest

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We are an advertising portal, not an agency.  Online bookings can be made via the website.  Both agencies and independent owners of luxury self-catering accommodation are featured on this website and when booking via this website your contract is with the owner or agency for the relevant property.  For more information on the workings of the website and contractual information please see our Terms of Use and FAQs.

On this website you will find 4 star rated, 5 star rated and generally luxurious self-catering accommodation.  We do not personally inspect properties.  However, our aim is to feature only those properties that meet customers' expectations and offer high quality holidays.   If you have feedback regarding a property you are free to email us and we also recommend that you complete an online review of the cottage on this website.  The information provided on this website is based on that supplied by owners or agencies, if you feel that there are any inaccuracies please do contact us via our feedback form and let us have the details.  We hope you find this website quick and easy to use but if you have any feedback for us do get in touch!