Searching for a log cabin with a good view?  Whether you want to rent a wooden holiday lodge with a lake view, a countryside view or a forest view, find a great selection of 5 star and high quality log cabin rentals with good views on Cottage Gems.

Whether you prefer to rent an oak cabin or a pine cabin, we hope you find the best type of luxury lodge cabin with a view for you.


Luxury Log Cabins with Country Views

Great country view


Imagine waking up to country views over fields, farmlands, meadows or a valley.  Enjoying beautiful vistas on holiday can help make special holiday memories.

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Luxury Lodges with a Forest View

Woodland Views

Being amongst the trees can be soothing, particularly on holiday.  Some cabins are shrouded underneath a canopy of trees, whereas others lie on the edge of a forest or are dotted between the trees.

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Luxurious Wooden Lodges with a Lake View

Lake view


Some holiday lodges are situated around a lake so you can gaze out and enjoy those lake views with a morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.  You may even be able to find a luxury lodge right by a lake.

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