Best of Glamping in the UK

Best of ‘Glamping’ in the UK

‘Glamping’ is considered by some to be the future of camping, and by others the downfall of it! One thing is for sure, it is an excellent and unique way to spend a holiday and is an experience hard to replicate. As the name suggests ‘Glamping’ (or Glamorous Camping) can be as high-end and glamorous as many conventional property choices, if not more so. With summer approaching, the glamping season is really kicking in (although many of these unique properties can be comfortably stayed in all year round). So just what does this strange and wonderful experience have to offer? Just some of the very best features and perks of this holiday are listed below.

Home comfortsbedroom
Enjoy king-sized double beds and internet! A range of common home-comfort features and fixtures are frequently made available at these sites so that those less keen on roughing it out in a sleeping bag can now enjoy a good night’s sleep in a high-quality setting, whilst still retaining a sense of connection to the great-outdoors.

Hot Tubs
Holiday in true style. The inclusion of a hot tub is not an uncommon feature of many glamping sites. Need we say more? It doesn’t get much more glamorous and relaxing then being able to enjoy the confinements of your own private hot-tub.

Much like camping, this high-end alternative retains a tranquil sense of escapism and seclusion that comes with the vast, country settings in which this type of accommodation is more commonly found. Although often these sites remain well situated to nearby gardenvillages and towns should you wish to venture out of this more quiet setting.

This type of tourism has become increasingly important, and popular, in recent years and it would be fair to say that glamping ticks a lot of the boxes needed to be seen as respectful of its ideas. The main principle revolves around ensuring visitors to fragile, and largely undisturbed, natural settings enjoy the area with a minimal impact upon the environment. Those promoting the practice aim to highlight the importance of respecting the landscape so that everyone can better enjoy and appreciate the beauty and importance of these settings.

Why not take a look at just what this increasingly popular trend has to offer, and you could find yourself camping in true style and comfort this summer:

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