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It seems only fitting that the Queen should celebrate her landmark 90th birthday just as is being transformed into Cottage Gems. The luxurious and high quality homes featured on the site make it the true diamonds, rubies and emeralds of the UK self-catering business.queen

With Cottage Gems you can live like royalty. In honour of this royal landmark, and to reflect the premium quality of properties offered by Cottage Gems, we have picked out just a few of the best royal residencies within the United Kingdom. These properties are often located in some of the more remarkable and sought-after destinations that Cottage Gems features. The castles are a fitting reflection of the magnificence and majesty of the areas in which they are found.

BALMORAL CASTLE, Aberdeenshire
This castle screams luxury and reflects the elegance and high-quality of the surrounding properties. In use since the time of Queen Victoria, this private residency is a category A listed building owing to its historical and cultural significance and since 1931 has allowed public access to its famous gardens between the months of April and July. The castle is also featured on the uncommon £100 notes of the royal Bank of Scotland.


Located near the popular village of Sandringham in Norfolk, this private property is found within the Norfolk coast Area of Outstanding Beauty. The castle and surrounding area is truly one of the more impressive and spectacular places the country has to offer and is one of the more popular destinations for holiday-makers. The castle ground is open to the public and houses an informative museum and idealistic royal garden. Sandringham’s majesty is reflected by the numerous award winning and highly rated properties available in Norfolk through Cottage Gems.

This Edinburgh residency is located at the opposite end of Edinburgh castle and has been the principal home of the King and Queen of Scots since the 1500’s. The Palace remains used for certain royal functions and the Queen herself resides there for a week a year. Legend has it that the naked ghost of, accused witch, Bald Agnes is said to roam the palace, but this hasn’t put off tourists from flocking to this renowned palace and the surrounding area of Edinburgh.

Perhaps the second most famous royal residency in the country, second only to Buckingham Palace itself, this wonderful and historic building offers holiday-makers a chance to see a world-renowned attraction. Tourists from all over the world flood over to see its famous exterior and walk the halls of this royal keep. Its famous portraits of past king and queens and armour of past Monarchs such as Henry VIII make Windsor Castle a remarkable place located in a remarkable area. Windsor is home to James Bond’s Eton College and some of the world’s best afternoon tea.

HIGHGROVE HOUSE, Gloucestershire
With over 30,000 visitors a year to its gardens, this royal residency is located in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and frequently houses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. The house is famous for the environmental emphasis placed on it and for the charitable events held there. The wild garden houses many protected and rare plants and trees that are scarcely found elsewhere and are a must for those who visit the area. Gloucestershire itself also offers some of the most impressive and sought-after properties offered by Cottage Gems making it a very popular get-away destination.



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